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Yo gonna be on the radio tonight/tomorrow morning, 3:30-6:00 A.M Pacific. Listen here ( and shoot me a call, request some musics, ask for a shoutout, whatever ;D (510-642-KALX)

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James Marcus Haney

Is this Spokane?
Jul 21st

Internship is actually pretty sweet this summer. Get to research corporate interests behind U.S-Mexico border militarization, and I’m learning crazy shit about private prisons, defense contractors, and getting some insight into how douchebag corporations maintain their power. And i get to vibe to some beats while doing this, whatup.

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listenin to fleet foxes and missing washington QQ

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North Cascades National Park, July 2014

Ah dope picture. And that tent is the shit, so many great adventures with it.
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Time, man