I'm Ajay, 20, from Washington State, now studying at Berkeley.
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❝My mother was of the sky,
my father was of the earth,
I am of the universe
And you know what it’s worth❞

— The Beatles (via everythingallofit)

Fuck such a good lyric

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Wow holy shit, police just gave a fine to my black friend for having an open container when he was with some non-black people drinking out of the same container. They apparently fucking pat him down, and held him to asphalt. Convenient that it’s the end of the month and their quota is coming up for searches and fines. The criminal justice system is racist, this is a fucking reality, not a hype. Jesus Christ.

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Feel like i have a lot of foresight in my dreams, and that they have some special significance.

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Radio Cure - Wilco
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❝I didn’t know what to say. I felt like crying, Goddammit everybody in the world wants an explanation for your acts and for your very being.❞

— Jack Kerouac, On the Road (via theunquotables)
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