Apr 25th

Yo the thing is, we all die, with our egos.

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Shigeto at Moogfest
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❝It seemed admirable and at the same time pathetic. We are all dying to give our lives away to something, maybe. God or Satan, politics or grammar, topology or philately - the object seemed incidental to this will to give ourselves away, utterly. To games or needles, to some other person. Something pathetic about it. A flight-from in the form of a plunging-into. Flight from exactly what? These rooms, blandly filled with excrement and heat? To what purpose? This was why they started us here so young: to give ourselves away before the age when the questions “why” and “to what” grow real beaks and claws. It was kind, in a way.❞

— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest (via autobibliography)
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side by side
Clear Lake, Oregon | by Emi Lenox
Apr 24th

Mac D and coffee in the morning

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Thomas Bavington
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losin followers like im motherfuckin jesus